Any enterprise needs strategic guidelines and goals. They serve the long-term orientation and are the basis for development, projects and actions. We successfully initiated and accompanied the strategy development for our own aviation projects as well as for other enterprises of the aviation industry. 

  • Technology strategies, concessions, Public Private Partnerships 
  • Review and development of business models

  • Process optimization and re-configuration

  • Support in commercial transformation, outsourcing strategies and commercialization

  • Advice on airport development and airport certification (e.g. ICAO, EASA)

  • Market / competitive analysis

  • Financial and investment consulting under special emphasis on current framework (e.g. guidelines on state aid to airports and airlines 2014/C 99/03)

  • Risk analysis


Door-to-door Journey of the Passenger

To provide a seamless, effective and efficient door-to-door journey experience for the traveller is the prime objective for today's air transport. This means that passengers, their baggage, cargo and the aircraft need to physically come together and flow seamlessly through the air transport system of which the airport is a pivotal part. Thus, the passenger must be able to depart from the point of origin, be transported to the airport, board the aircraft, exit straightaway at arrival and continue to be transported to the final destination without disruption.

We will support you and your team to ensure that your airport makes efficient use of its resources airside and landside to optimize the handling of passengers, baggage, cargo and aircraft depending on the nature of the passenger (business or leisure). This is being supported by the implementation of systems to ease control operations such as Boarding Control and Security and Immigration Checkpoints. 

To increase further passenger experience we advise you in optimizing check-in processes and systems (from Desk Check-in to Web Check-in and Mobile device check-in applications).


Information Technology

Technological enhancements have been the driving factor for improving the airport's operational efficiency. We have been able to reduce costs and improve operations and efficiency by using advanced web-based systems, IT solutions and mobile technology. Information technology creates better connectivity and enhanced passenger’s travel experience.

We have specific in-depth know how in the areas of:

  • eBusiness
  • Radio services
  • Data processing & managed services
  • Network and communication
  • Parking services
  • Check-in and desktop services
  • Datawarehouse and Analytics
  • IT outsourcing projects
  • General IT operations