If an airline is in a distressed state it needs quick and decisive action to identify all revenue as well as loss drivers. In a first step short-termed measures are necessary to secure liquidity of the company and reduce further financial losses. We will therefore review all processes, organizational set-up and operations to define an imminent action plan to stabilize the company.

Following these actions we will support your team in defining measures to reach medium-termed profitability not only to enable your company to adjust to the changed market environment but also to ensure a long termed sustainable business model. We will assist your team in implementing all necessary measures including coaching of all stakeholders. If required we can shadow manage or even manage the implementation ourselves. 



Markets are constantly changing which makes it hard for airlines that strive for competitive cost advantages. To meet these challenges airlines have to adapt quickly and review the strategies which have been in place. Revised strategic objectives usually go along with revised organizational structures. We support the management and the operational entities to design the necessary organizational structure which is best suited to meet the strategic targets. We know that employees need orientation in such a process and our team is well experienced help through these changes.

With our track record in restructuring distressed airlines we have thorough experience in all areas of an airline that needs tailoring of organizational structures to its strategic objectives.