Any enterprise needs strategic guidelines and goals. They serve the long-term orientation and are the basis for development, projects and actions and with the market always on the move and being influenced by various external factors, our emphasis is on a clearly focused strategy. This strategy is based on the fundamental understanding of customer requirements, market development, analysis of competitors and the influence of all factors regarding future developments.

We successfully initiated and accompanied the strategy development for our own aviation projects as well as for other enterprises of the aviation industry.

We will find the right positioning and suitable strategy for you. The goal is to establish a future-proof, sustainable, competitive marketing advantage over your competitors.



We know what it takes and how important it is to define and implement a sustainable product for your airline. This comprises finding the right answers to adjusting the airline and all its processes and products to the target customers and to the needs of an optimized network, fleet and aircraft cabin structure. If you want to be a step ahead of your competitor's, seamless customer related processes from booking to pre- and post-flight relationship are indispensable. We have profound experience in these areas and our know-how is your competitive advantage.


Sales, Distribution and Pricing

The experts of INTRO Aviation will elaborate the optimum sales strategy for you which will not only increase your sales volume but also reduce your costs. The systematic evaluation of your direct and indirect sales activities, the analysis of the cost structure, the process efficiency and sales volume generation are part of this type of project. We adjust the sales organization to support the defined processes and provide you with hands-on implementation support. Our experts have detailed knowledge in sales and distribution IT as well as in reporting tools to monitor your sales success. We provide guidance in setting-up tenders and in evaluating the respective proposals for IT systems.

We will successfully maximize the sales volume of your airline together with your team using market-tested methods. Our experts will professionally and individually train your staff. Together we will ensure the smooth implementation of all procedures because, after all, each flight and each flight route should make the highest possible profit for you.

INTRO Aviation perfects the cooperation between all relevant departments of your airline. The objective is the bundling of all information in connection with sales management and pricing as well as the application of required control mechanisms. This is how we ensure that your airline has a vital and verifiable advantage in the market.



We help your airline to establish a sustainable network and capacity that meet market requirements. To ensure that your airline is operating on a route network which is profitable we analyze market potential and demands on the basis of an extensive external data base. We identify underserved routes and optimize schedule and capacity planning and evaluate the most suitable aircraft to serve the identified routes and recommend the best frequencies.


Information Technology

Technological enhancements have been the driving factor for improving airlines’ operational efficiency. Airlines have been able to reduce costs and improve operations by using advanced web-based distribution systems, Passenger Service Solutions (PSS), IT solutions and mobile technology. The technology has created better connectivity and has enhanced the passenger's travel experience.

We have specific in-depth know how in following areas:

  • System evaluation and implementation of
    • Distribution system and inventory (PSS - passenger service solution)
    • Revenue management
    • Crew control and dispatch systems
    • Business Intelligence
    • Web- and mobile systems
  • Datawarehouse and analytics
  • IT outsourcing projects
  • General IT operations