Corsair International, Paris

On March 15th, 2019 INTRO Aviation acquired the majority of the shares of the French specialized long-haul operator Corsair from TUI AG with TUI France retaining 27% and an employee trust owning 20% of the shares. After a phase of long-lasting stalemate since 2015 this finally opens the opportunity for the airline to develop and grow. The airline has a healthy basis and everything it needs for a sustainable growth.

INTRO Aviation takes operational control and starts an immediate restructuring and re-fleeting and fleet development process:

  1. The Boeing 747-400 fleet will be replaced by Airbus A330 family aircraft by latest 2021 in order to harmonize the fleet structure, increase productivity, efficiencies and reduce costs.

  2. In a first step the three B747 will be replaced by three brand new A330-900 (neo’s). Three further A330 (ceo’s) will be integrated by 2021. Hence the fleet will grow from 7 aircraft in 2019 to 10 aircraft by 2021.

Further measures being taken:

  • Introduction of decisive cost management and transparency as well as effective process efficiency;

  • Corsair guaranteed to retain staff and management and place three INTRO Aviation team members in operational positions to manage the restucturing process (Helmut Weixler as Co-CEO, George Lioumpis as CFO and Claus Fischer as Co-CCO)

  • Corsair’s known and well-established brand will remain in place as well as the three class on-board product (Business, Premium Economy and Economy);

  • Improvement of customer satisfaction by adjusting customer touch points (booking, airport, check-in, boarding, in-flight product etc.);

  • Network consolidation by focusing on profidability: developing and increasing frequencies of well performing routes, cutting unprofitable routes and focusing on high volume and high yield routes in the course of fleet growth;

  • Focus remains on Paris-Orly as hub of the airline. With the available extensive slot portfolio a sustainable growth scenario is achievable;