In today's competitive environment airlines and airports must differentiate themselves by really understanding their customers and at best by doing this hand in hand since their customers are actually the same ones.

By taking a holistic approach on the complete passenger journey and being able to understand what their customers really need, airline and airports will be able to deliver excellent service. This can be the key differentiator for long-term success 

Passengers’ needs and expectations change and evolve rapidly. To deliver value airlines and airports besides operational excellence need to focus more and in a different manner on their customers. This requires a strategic business transformation and alignment across the entire enterprise:


To become Customer centric, organisations need to develop new capabilities and competences:

  • Strategic thinking around the Customer
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Product & Service Design 
  • Product & Service Delivery 
  • The ability to measure and receive feedback
  • Creating a customer-centric culture across the entire organisation

Based on research it will take 3-5 years to strategically embed Customer Experience Management in your organisation.

We can accelerate your learning curve by adding our long-term industry expertise and specific competencies in this field at every phase in your transformation.

Our team supports you in:

  • auditing and assessing the current state
  • serving as an intermediary between an airline and the airport to define and implement joint customer centricity measures
  • start-up or kick-start your transformation
  • coach & advise the CX leader and the C-Suite
  • provide workshops for the C-suite, executive teams, service delivery teams



Innovation in the passenger experience is largely driven by today's rapid developments in personal devices, connectivity and 'big data'. Always connected travellers and rapidly evolving technology create a huge momentum for airlines and airports to come up with innovative products and services.

It is essential to engage with passengers during all phases of their journey, interact and provide personalised offers and customer service through the channel of their choice.

Being able to deliver consistent and excellent service in this connected age it is essential to be fast and responsive and continuous improving:   

  • Human interactions
  • Digital interactions
    • Mobile Presence
    • Social presence
  • Personalisation of product and services

This requires regular updates and/or redefinition of your strategy. We can support airline/airport leaders to ‘get the basics right’ by:

  • auditing and analysing the current performance of service delivery and service operations
  •  redefining customer contact/service strategy
  • provide advice on partnerships (solution & service providers)
  • provide advice on innovation in collaboration with partners and advise on change required including roadmap
  • provide coaching & consulting, training for the leadership/innovation teams

Product & Service Experience innovations

Airline/airport executives continuously face the challenge to keep up with and to interpret the latest digital trends and innovations. Translating these fast-moving Customer Experience themes into concise products and services innovation that fit into an overall roadmap is another challenge.

In close collaboration with our industry partner Airlinetrends, we can offer the following services to start or further evolve your passenger experience innovation journey. And it provides a platform to bring together the key stakeholders across your organization and industry partners.

  • Trends reports and research.
  • Innovation Workshops:  Inspiration, Co-creation, Concept development & Design

Examples of workshop focus areas include:

  • Day of Travel: Personal Devices as Digital Travel Companions
  • Ancillary Innovation: Airlines as Retailers
  • Empowering Connected Crew and Agents
  • Pro-Active Service Recovery
  • Differentiating the Premium Passenger Experience
  • IFE: From In-Flight Entertainment to In-Flight Engagement
  • The Connected Cabin: Use Cases for The Internet of Things