LTU International Airlines, Germany

2006: INTRO acquires the highly loss-making German airline LTU International Airlines which is offering medium and long-haul flights from Germany. In 2006 LTU is Germany's number 3 and operates the country’s newest fleet: 15 Airbus 320/321 as well as 12 Airbus A330. Peter Oncken takes the helm as CEO.

Success came soon. The cost structure was dramatically reduced and the network as well as the product optimized. With a new fare concept sales volume increased by 12% and the break-even point was already reached during fiscal year 2007. Growth of the long-haul was enhanced by the purchase of two additional A330-200s. The medium-haul network is continued without growth potential.

In August 2007 Peter Oncken steps down from his position as CEO after the airline was successfully sold to Air Berlin.