Nürnberger Flugdienst (NFD), Germany

Foundation of NFD in Nuremberg in 1974. NFD grows to be the second largest scheduled airline in Germany next to Lufthansa. Its fleet grows from 3 Fairchild Metroliners 3 to 9 Metroliners and 5 ATRs 42/72 and cooperates with Air France on all routes from Germany to France.

Sale of 49% of the shares to Air Europe and 26.1% to Karstadt in 1990. Further extension of the fleet by 2 Boeings 757 as well as 7 additional ATRs 72 – starting of charter flights for tour operators.

Buy-back of all shares by INTRO due to bankruptcy of Air Europe in 1991. Restructuring and successful turnaround within only nine months.

1992: Sale of NFD to RFG (later Eurowings, today an affiliate of Lufthansa)