Our Approach and Methodology

How do you maintain an unrivaled reputation for success, competence, professionalism and reliability in the aviation industry? Simply by achieving excellent results.

We are a well experienced team of aviation entrepreneurs, managers and turn-around specialists and have been successfully running various airlines over the past decades. We know what it takes to modernize airlines to be efficient, reliable and profitable businesses. We know aviation from every corner of an airline or airport. With this track record we have earned a reputation for professionalism and competence where we tackle your challenges as if they were our own to

  • re-organize internal structures
  • increase operational efficiency
  • optimize MRO processes
  • review and improve commercial strategies
  • stabilize finances
  • make adjustments of the product to market requirements.

Your company will benefit from our experience in developing professional strategies combined with hands-on expertise in all relevant areas of the aviation business to ensure that the organization is financial stable and operational efficient.

We strongly believe in taking a data driven approach to evaluate an airline's performance and are taking the following steps to review a business:

  1. Thorough analysis of financial, operational, commercial and technical data being provided by the company. With the results we are in the position to pinpoint critical areas on which we are able to concentrate.
  2. Review of documents, policies and performance. Only then do we enter the organization to perform...
  3. Interviews with key management.
  4. Development of an analytical model of the airline to simulate network performance
  • to identify underperformance
  • to identify sustainable potential
  • to simulate improved potentials

Our team will work closely along with your team and support and strengthen it in the respective area of expertise. Rather than being mere advisors we apply an approach that is customized to your business where we help your team to implement solutions we have developed together. If required we can also act as shadow manager to you and your team while also mediating change management requirements in your organization.

Our approach is to assess the situation the customer finds himself in, to understand the challenges in order to develop solutions which are customized to the customer's needs. This will result in quick-wins and build the foundation of a sustainable and profitable business. We think out of the box…