AERO_K, Cheongju, South Korea

In 2016 INTRO Aviation invested in the set-up of AERO_K, a new Low Cost Carrier in South Korea which is expected to lift off in early 2020. The airline will fly internationally with a fleet growing to 20 jets over the coming five years. It will be the first real LCC which will be established in South Korea, offering low fares, delivering on operational efficiencies, having a highly low cost focus and efficiency culture while maintaining the highest safety standards. Aero_K will operate from the Cheongju International Airport, about 70 miles away from the capital Seoul. In addition, the carrier is interested to develop additional terminal capacity and will work with the KAC to explore options including a new LCC type terminal.

INTRO Aviation supports the airline's management team in structuring and implementing all air traffic control services, such as:

·         General

  • Budget planning, process efficiency, cost management


  • Fleet strategy, aircraft assessment, lease negotiations and aircraft launch

  • Implementation of safety and quality standards

  • Review of all internal operations organisation

·         Commercial

  • Review of the strategy

  • Product definition

  • Network, schedule and capacity planning

  • Strategy and implementation of income and earnings management

  • Defining sales strategy and building sales processes

          Airline IT Architecture Design

  • Definition of IT infrastructure

  • Evaluation and implementation of distribution system and inventory

  • Evaluation and implementation of operating and maintenance systems

  • Implementation and training

  • Data warehousing and business intelligence

  • Application development (interfaces and customization)

          Business Intelligence

  • Implementation of analytical tools to ensure operational and commercial transparency

·         Airport processes

  • Definition and implementation of airport processes (DCS, security, passenger flow, etc.)