Salzburg Airport

Passenger tracking and process optimization

Salzburg Airport selects INTRO Aviation to provide support in tracking movements of passengers from entering the terminal until boarding as well as the behavior of airport customers and "meet and greeters" in the terminal. It does so with a most advanced tracking system which guarantees all privacy rules. With the result of the analysis INTRO Aviation proposes optimizations in areas such as security lane queuing, passenger flow and retail partnerships and supports the airport in their implementation.

In the course of the project INTRO Aviation was able to provide answers and solutions to the following questions:

  • How does the customers come to the airport and in which time frame?
  • How long and where does the passenger or customer spend time in the public domain (landside)?
  • How much time do those spend in the public domain who aren‘t passenger?
  • How, how long and when do passengers check in (check-in counter, CUSS or online)?
  • When before boarding do passenger pass security control?
  • How long does security control take?
  • How many passengers buy/eat airside?
  • How many regular/recurrent customers are there and what is their structure?
  • What is the productivity of the airport?
  • Which passengers spend how much in non-aviation?
  • Which passengers spend how much with car parking?